Breaking Open Territory

Beginning in 1999, Morris pioneered new spiritual territory in many nations considered closed to the Gospel, making spiritual history in the Middle East! More than 22,000 Nationals from eleven Middle East countries received spiritual breakthroughs that enabled them to reach their countries in a demonstration of God’s power.

People all over the world are hungry for the Gospel.

The eleven countries were; Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Cyprus, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Qatar and Bahrain. In an historic meeting on February 6, 2000, Dr. Cerullo met with King Abdullah of Jordan who pledged his support for the Middle East International Conference conducted in Amman, Jordan, September 19-22, 2000. More than 2,200 delegates experienced a fiery anointing of God’s Spirit during this historic conference. Leaders and believers from seventeen countries in the Middle East were empowered to reach their nation with the Gospel.

Many honors have been bestowed upon Morris Cerullo, including honorary doctorates of divinity and humanities, academic leaders, spiritual leaders and presidents of nations, in recognition of his achievements and contributions to global evangelization.

Few ministers have had such an impact on the destiny of the nations of the world. Morris Cerullo’s life has been sacrificially dedicated to training and spiritually equipping pastors, lay people and evangelists to reach their nations for Christ with a supernatural endowment of God’s power.

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