Who Is Morris Cerullo?

Dr. Morris Cerullo is a world-renowned evangelist and the president of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, which was founded in 1961.

The 84-year-old Christian statesman has been traveling to the developing nations of the world for 69 years. He has ministered in 93 nations, in over 400 cities, on 7 continents, where he has personally trained 5 million Christian leaders and ministered to millions more. He has dedicated his life to helping hurting people and currently travels more than 250,000 miles every year to minister healing and salvation to the world.

Morris and his wife, Theresa, have been married for 64 years, and are affectionately referred to as “Papa” and “Mama” by the multitudes that have been affected by their love and generosity.

The Early Days

Dr. Morris Cerullo was raised in a Jewish Orthodox orphanage in New Jersey until the age of 14 1/2 when he gave his life to Christ. Because of his faith, he was persecuted and eventually had to leave the orphanage.

Morris attended Hebrew school while in the orphanage and attended public school until age 15. At that time, Morris began preaching three to four times per week in local churches, with invitations growing steadily.

At age 17, with no money to pay for tuition, he received a scholarship to the New York Metropolitan Bible School in Suffern, New York, from where he graduated. Morris later received two honorary doctorates from Florida Beacon College and Oral Roberts University.

By the time he was 20, he was pastoring his own 15-member church, and due to limited funds, he had to be the pastor, janitor, maintenance man, and landscaper all rolled into one. His hard work paid off, though. Within eight months, his once tiny church became one of the largest in New England.

After eight years of ministry, at age 23, he went on his first overseas missions trip to Greece. Many more overseas trips followed, and an international ministry quickly developed.

Daughters of Miriam Jewish Orphanage

The Vision to Reach the World

Morris soon realized that the key to reaching the world was to train Nationals to reach their own people—Africans reaching Africans, Asians reaching Asians, and South Americans reaching South Americans.

This vision and specific call from God has resulted in millions of Christian ministers being raised up to reach their nations.

He has accomplished this goal by conducting Schools of Ministry around the world. Nationals with a heart to learn and lead come to be trained so that they can then go on to impact the lives of others through the ministering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The global impact of Dr. Cerullo and MCWE is staggering:

Dr. Cerullo has ministered to innumerable multitudes of people face to face.
Miracle Crusades in which the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the Gospel is preached have reached up to 500,000 people in one service.
Dr. Cerullo has personally ministered to presidents, prime ministers, and heads of state in many nations.
Dr. Cerullo has written over 200 classic Christian books, unique study Bibles, and devotionals.
Dr. Cerullo has produced an abundance of teaching and training materials on audio and video.
Dr. Cerullo has established many organizations and facilities around the world to teach and train new Christians.
Dr. Cerullo has been impacting the nation of Israel since 1968 through books, Bible correspondence courses, radio ministries, TV specials, crusades, and even a full-length, prime time movie, which was broadcast to 14 million Jewish households.

The Fruit of His Labor

Few people have put as much effort to help those in need, over such a long period of time, as Dr. Cerullo. The fruit of his efforts has circulated the globe and will forever be cherished by the millions of lives he has touched. Just ask the mother of the little Brazilian boy who had been crippled since birth, healed as Morris prayed for him; or the young Mexican girl whose hearing was restored; or Happiness, the young Nigerian girl who had been born deaf and mute, completely healed by God as Morris ministered during a meeting.

Over 68 years of ministry, Dr. Cerullo has sacrificially done more to help others than could possibly be listed, but here is a brief list of some of his notable ministry outreaches:

In 1974, Helpline TV program was developed and telecast to 80 of America’s largest cities. It was not uncommon for celebrities, such as Dale Evans and Pat Boone, to help answer the phone lines and pray for those in need. In the years that followed, other television programs were launched that reached global audiences.

In 1976, during the height of Apartheid, Dr. Cerullo was the only white minister who would dare to step foot on the platform for a meeting in which 80,000 (mostly black South Africans) showed up to witness the miracle-working power of God. Countless people were physically healed, and there was a supernatural blending that took place between the blacks and whites.

In 1977 in Cochin, India, approximately 30 percent of the entire population of 500,000, poured onto the field, where countless people were healed and saved by the all-powerful Word of God.

In 1987, and estimated 300,000 French-speaking Africans attended a crusade where more than 50 deaf people were healed and 3,500 Nationals were trained. (A National is a Christian who is trained to teach, preach, and train disciples in his/her own country.)

In 1999, Dr. Cerullo trained 40,000 Nationals from over 32 African nations who attended a meeting in Lagos, Nigeria. Approximately 85 percent of the Nationals were pastors who took the teachings back to their churches, where they trained thousands more.

In 2002, Dr. Cerullo established the World Prayer Center in San Diego. This prayer hotline is staffed with a trained team that prays for thousands of people every year. Reports flood the ministry every week with tremendous answers to prayer.

In 2011, Victory Today television program was launched. Responses come in daily reporting alcohol and drug addictions broken, marriages healed, supernatural financial provisions, and many more wonderful testimonies. This cutting-edge television program can be seen worldwide, six days a week, by millions of viewers. The programs offer practical information on topics such as finances, as well as various Bible lessons and healing ministry.

In 2014, Dr. Cerullo embarked on a 20-day journey to 6 European countries where he conducted 20 meetings, mobilized 2,000 churches, and trained 18,000 Nationals.

Over the decades, Dr. Cerullo has trained millions of Nationals all over the world, who have gone on to teach and train millions more. There is a domino effect that takes place. When the Nationals are trained, they establish churches, ministries, and other businesses and organizations that help the poor, care for orphans and the homeless, and provide jobs to countless numbers of people, oftentimes in impoverished areas where jobs, and even basic provisions, are hard to come by. Through his ministry, Dr. Cerullo has seen the Gospel transform nations.

Dr. Morris Cerullo has personally mentored many worldwide Christian leaders. As a result of his decades of personal, face-to-face teaching, these leaders have been equipped to reach millions more. Here is a brief list of some of their accomplishments:

  • Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Nigeria (trained in 1979) – Currently pastors a 35,000-seat church, founded the African Broadcasting Network, serves as president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, and ministers at conferences all over the world.
  • Bishop Eliudi Issangya, Tanzania (trained in 1979) – Opened a 14-acre Christian training compound. To date, over 3,500 have graduated and gone on to establish 900 churches throughout Africa.
  • Bishop Adebayo Adedimeji, Ivory Coast (trained in 1986) – Now operates a 400-member church and Bible Institute where thousands have been trained and have gone on to establish dozens of churches throughout Africa.
  • Apostle Jorge Marquez, Uruguay (trained in 1996) – Pastors an 11,500-member church and heads a project directed at reaching the entire country of Uruguay via church plants and radio and television broadcasts.
  • Pastor Omar Cabrera, Paraguay (trained in 1966) – Has impacted the entire country of Paraguay through crusades, church plants, and prison ministries.
  • Apostle Rony Chavez, Costa Rica (trained in 1983) – Has written over 60 books and has preached in more than 70 countries on 5 continents.
  • Rajan and Beckye Chinnadurai, India (trained in 1987) – Have trained over 18,000 in their Christian schools and preach the Gospel to thousands more via a daily cable TV program.
  • Pastor Mohan Babu, India (trained in 1997) – Has established 300 Christian churches in various parts of India.
  • Samuel Browne, India (trained in 1992) – Has ministered to more than 60,000 people living in remote villages in Tibet.
  • Bishop Eddie Villaneueva, the Philippines (trained in 1979) – Now has more than 5 million members in his ministry, from 42 countries.
  • Rev. Rolly Blas, the Philippines (trained in 1982) – Pastors a 10,000-member church, and has planted 1,000 more throughout the Philippines.

Love for Israel

For over 56 consecutive years, Dr. Cerullo has traveled to the Holy Land with a passion for God’s chosen people. As a young, Messianic Jewish man, God laid a tremendous burden on Dr. Cerullo’s heart to reach the Jews.

In 1967, God spoke to Dr. Cerullo and said, “Son, now is the time to turn your eyes to the Middle East and begin to work for My people, Israel.”

In 1968, Dr. Cerullo began his first campaign of reaching out to the Jewish population in Israel. His first mass mailing was 400,000 books, followed by a Bible correspondence course that was distributed six times per year for 12 years. In 1970, he launched a radio ministry that reached millions in nine surrounding nations. In 1975, he developed a TV special, Masada, which won three Golden Globe awards and generated 200,000 responses. In the early 1980s, Dr. Cerullo produced and aired three television specials from historic sites in Israel. Some of Israel’s government leaders appeared on the shows, and response was phenomenal—60,000 people wrote or called the ministry with sentiments of gratitude or to report healings, salvations, or freedom from the bondage of sin. In 1992, Dr. Cerullo launched a new television program that reached a potential 110,000 homes in Israel. A full-length, prime time movie, Rabbi, also aired. It was broadcast to 14 million Jewish households and won two awards.

Dr. Cerullo travels to Israel every year, ministering the Good News of Jesus to large crowds that have grown considerably over the years. He also provides assistance to churches and ministries so that they can expand their reach and continue ministering to those in Israel that are hungry for the truth of God’s Word.

Humanitarian Care

MCWE has assisted many organizations and facilities around the world to teach and train new Christians. MCWE is also known for its humanitarian support and has provided aid to Ethiopia, medical assistance in East Africa, and helped build multiple orphanages in Mexico.

The ministry also provides many scholarships every year to up-and-coming Christian students around the world to attend ministry training classes.

Most recently, Morris and his wife, Theresa Cerullo, partnered with Tommy and Matthew Barnett to build several floors of the Los Angeles Dream Center that houses 200 women who have come off the streets of Los Angeles, out of drugs, human trafficking, and prostitution. The floor is called Mama Theresa’s Place in honor of Theresa Cerullo.

Mama Theresa


Dr. Cerullo has been presented with the key to San Diego and other cities in America, as well as having received letters of recognition for the work he has done in America and foreign countries, from mayors, presidents, and other governmental leaders.

Dr. Cerullo also received the Lifetime Global Impact Award in May 2015 in recognition of his many years of worldwide ministry. This prestigious award was presented by Oral Roberts University president, Dr. William Wilson, and Assemblies of God general superintendent, Dr. George Wood, at the Empowered21 Global Congress, a gathering of over 4,000 world ministry leaders and pastors in Jerusalem, Israel.

Global Impact Reward


MCWE has offices in San Diego, Dallas, London, Ontario, and Paris and employs over 100 staff members.