Please continue to fervently pray for Dr. Cerullo and Mama Theresa as they undertake one of the largest endeavors in the ministry’s history with the construction of the Morris Cerullo World Outreach Legacy Training Center.

Please join us in prayer for the manifestation of this awesome project and for the millions of souls from all around which are directly connected with our ministry.

  • Pray for Dr. Cerullo and Mama Theresa to remain strong and focused on the race that God has set before them.
  • Pray for God to give wisdom to Dr. Cerullo, Mama Theresa, and the executive leaders of the ministry in all of their decision-making regarding this project.
  • Pray for the ministry’s staff to be Spirit-led when creating the curriculum and assigning the various ministries.
  • Continue to pray for the leadership of San Diego.
  • Pray for the Mission Valley area and neighborhood. Believe with us for God to give us grace and favor with our neighbors and the businesses in the surrounding areas.
  • Pray that God would call people from all ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds to join us in the realization of this vision and to support this end-time project.
  • Pray that the Legacy Training Center will be all that God intends for it to be: a gift for the Body of Christ for generations to come, until the return of our Lord Jesus.
  • Pray for new partners to become a part of this project and receive the training that will transform their lives forever.
  • Pray that the architects, contractors, and sub-contractors brought in will embrace the spiritual vision necessary to complete the physical aspect of this monumental Legacy Training Center project.
  • Bind the spirits of delay, sabotage, and hindrance as well as any other negative spirit that would try to oppose or obstruct this project.
  • Pray for favor with the city.
  • Pray that the desired permits will be given speedy approval and that the contractors will work to fulfill plans in a timely manner.